SmartyKat Mouse Toy, Speed Chaser

Pull-back mouse toy. Complete Needs: Because cats need - exercise. Zippy-zoom motion delights cats. Pull back and release to unleash the fun. No batteries necessary. Eco Advantages: Fiberfill spun from 100% recycled plastic. Satisfies your cat's need to - exercise. Calling all mousers! Our SpeedChaser pull-back mouse toy triggers your cat's natural instinct to chase fast, furry creatures. Just press down, pull back and release the mouse. Your cat will be off to the races chasing the runaway rodent that speeds along on four tiny wheels. SmartyKat CompleteNeeds System: Learn more about all your cat's unique needs and how to satisfy them with SmartyKat products at Package is recyclable where facilities exist. For more detailed information about the SmartyKat CompleteNeeds System and our entire line of environmentally responsible products, visit Worldwise: better products, better planet. Designed in USA. Made in China.