Ruger Wafers, Sugar Free, Chocolate Flavored

The reward. Crisp, delicious. Established 1987. Foil-fresh pack. A breakthrough in sugar free wafers. Now, you can reward yourself anytime with the crisp and delicious flavor of Ruger Wafers without the sugar. Enjoy! A short distance from our Ruger Bakery on Lake Traunsee in the Austrian Alps. To see and learn more go to Crispy, crunchy wafers with delicious chocolate flavored cream: always tastes oven-fresh. Since 1987 Ruger Wafers have been synonymous with gourmet wafers. Made in the Austrian Alps by artisans using old-world recipes with the highest quality ingredients, combined with the latest technology including our unique aerated-cream fillings. Ruger brings you wafers that are always oven-fresh and perfectly delicious. Reward yourself with Ruger. Made in Austria.