Pirouluxe Belgian Rolled Cookies

Pirouluxe® Belgian Rolled Cookies. From the bakers of Pirouline rolled wafers. From the bakers of Pirouline artisan rolled wafers, the DeBeukelaer family brings you this traditional Belgian treat. Dipped in chocolate or eaten alone, they are the perfect complement to your coffee, tea or even your day. These Belgian rolled cookies are a light and tasty alternative to the Creme de Pirouline and are the perfect way to transport you to your destination and "indulge in the swirl of Life™. The DeBeukelaer promise: Our quality assurance team promises delicious and consistent taste every time. Make Pirouluxe a tradition in your home. Since 1860, the DeBeukelaer Family has been baking premium Belgian biscuits and wafers. 601-856-7454 or visit our website at www.pirouline.com. Email comments to swirlmaster@pirouline.com. www.pirouline.com.