Loreal Age Perfect Day/Night Cream

Skin expertise. For mature, very dry skin. Hydra-nutrition. Anti-sagging + ultra-nourishing moisturizer. Nourishes skin with calcium + nutrient complex. Why is Age Perfect Hydra-Nutrition right for me? As women mature, skin is gradually depleted of essential nutrients and calcium, resulting in a higher level of discomfort associated with dryness. Skin becomes parched and loses its resilience. The Innovation: Introducing a unique nutrient complex enriched with calcium to provide daily nourishing moisture to mature, nutrient-depleted skin - leaving it supple, fortified and resilient. Ultra-Nourishing Moisture: With calcium, for resilient, fortified and healthy-looking skin. With a unique nutrient complex - leaving skin supple and deeply hydrated. The luxurious creamy texture melts away to envelope the skin's surface with a soft and silky layer of comfort. See Visible Results (Based on consumer evaluations): Instantly: 94% felt skin was more nourished and dryness significantly reduced. In 2 Weeks: 98% felt comfort restored to skin. After 4 Weeks: 96% saw firmer skin. 98% saw softer skin, 96% saw more supple skin. Formula Essentials: Dermatologist tested. Non-greasy. www.lorealparis.com.