Orajel Toothache & Gum Relief, Plus, Severe PM, Cream

Other Information: Do not use if tube tip is cut prior to opening. This preparation is intended for use in cases of toothache, only as a temporary expedient until a physician can be consulted. Do not use continuously. Orajel Severe Pain Formula will stay in place for extended duration of relief. Avoid using toothpaste or drinking soft drinks or fruit juices for at least one hour after applying. Misc: Oral pain reliever/antiseptic. Instant pain relief. No. 1 oral pain reliever for toothache. Now with 3x more active ingredients vs store brand. Triple medicated. Nighttime formula with chamomile. 20% benzocaine to relieve oral pain. Antiseptic to help prevent infection. Menthol to soothe. Long-lasting cream. Questions or comments? Call us at 1-800-952-5080 M-F 9am-5pm ET or visit our website at www.orajel.com. The makers of Orajel do not manufacture store brand oral pain products. Made in USA.