Top Care® Nighttime Severe Cold & Cough 6 Pk Box

Acetaminophen: pain reliever. Fever reducer. Diphenhydramine HCI: antihistamine. Cough suppressant. Phenylephrine HCI: nasal decongestant. For relief of: *nasal congestion. *Cough. *Runny nose. *Sneezing. *Body ache. *Sore throat pain. *Headache. *Fever. Compare to theraflu nighttime severe cold & cough*. *This product is not affiliated with novartis consumer health, inc. Owner of the registered trademark, theraflu. Uses: temporarily relieves: *minor aches and pains. *Headache. *Minor sore throat pain. *Nasal and sinus congestion. *Cough due to minor throat and bronchial irritation. *Runny nose. *Sneezing. *Itchy, watery eyes due to hay fever. *Itchy nose and throat. *Temporarily reduces fever. For nighttime relief. Honey lemon infused with chamomile And white tea flavors.