Halfpops Curiously Crunchy Popcorn Aged White Cheddar

Halfpops® Aged White Cheddar Curiously Crunchy Popcorn. Cheddar makes it better. Nosh like you mean it. Certified GF gluten-free. Halfpops®. Not rocket science just half-popped popcorn. Fluff. Ordinary. The basic. Monotony. Volume (80's hairdo). Crunch. Portability. Creativity. Variety. Volume (80's hair band). Perfected popcorn. Curious yet So curious you're actually reading the fine print! Either you're really bored, or we're really interesting (we'll go with bored). Well, since we have your attention, we might as well say something meaning - ful...Live life to the fullest (or half-fullest...)! Not enough Okay then, we loved the half-popped pieces at the bottom of the bowl, so we figured out how to make 'em (cool story bro). You should eat Halfpops because they're awesome, crunchy, addictive, fun at parties, always up for a beer & willing to stay out past curfew. That's a little more reminiscent of what brands put here, right Oh yeah, share with friends too! Listen, this is not a dating website although, we'd swipe right for you). If anything else, you should try `'em because you've already invested your time to read all of this. At least, if you try the product & love it, you'll know it was time well spent. Otherwise, you totally wasted two minutes of your life that you'll never get back, and if that's the case, we hope you took our meaningful statement above to heart. The Halfpops crew. 50% less fluff. We only use. Non-GMO popcorn. Totally gluten free. Absolutely nut free. Sans artificial flavors. Nada negative stuff. ©2016 Halfpops, Inc. All rights reserved.