Grove Square Coffee, Single Cup, Soluble & Microground, Dark Roast

Naturally roasted soluble & microground arabica coffee. Natural flavor with other natural flavor. Caffeinated. Contains 12 cups. Great coffee. Plain and simple. For generations, Americans have appreciated a great cup of coffee. Long before it became complicated and grandiose, we savored it in neighborhood coffee shops and diners where the atmosphere was friendly, and the coffee was simply fresh, hot, and delicious. Grove Square coffee recaptures this rich, traditional cup, and brings it home with single-serve convenience. Our lives might be more complicated now, but our coffee doesn't have to be. Grove Square coffee. It's one cup of coffee you'll feel right at home with, and it's right here in your neighborhood. Quality Promise: Grove Square coffee is made with some of the world's highest quality arabica and robust beans, roasted and ground to ensure peak flavor, then packaged to lock in optimum freshness.